This is the boring section where I tell you how this little website came to be! Back in 2006 when I started owning fanlistings, I wanted to have all of them in one place so I created the first version which was hosted in sitesled, they offered enough space for a little collective and people said it was great in a forum I used to visit. And it was! It was good until the end of 2007 when I couldn't access it during a week. I decided to let it pass, hoping it was only for that one time, but in 2008, it became more frequent so I started to look for another host. I thought about buying a domain but I could never decide on a name. Then, I found awardspace.com, and it was great with them since the first day until 2015 when I finally decided to convert my fanlistings to Enthuasiast and found out that I couldn't send confirmation emails. That was what made me finally buy balamb.org, my first domain <3

The network name 'Everywhere Nowhere' it's the title of song by Ayumi Hamasaki and the domain name is a town/city of my favorite video game ever, Final Fantasy VIII.


This is layout number nine and it features Rey and Ben Solo from Star Wars.


Textures from texturevault.net, aaskie, awmpdotnet & FeelHironeko
Tooltip tutorial from sixrevisions.com
Expand/Collapse tutorial from designgala.com