I created this site to have all my sites in one place. At first, in 2006, it was hosted in sitesled, they offered enough space for a little collective and people said it was great in a forum I used to visit. It was at the end of 2007 that I couldn't access it during a week. I decided to let it pass, hoping it was only for that one time, but in 2008, it became more frequent so I started to look for another host. I thought about buying a domain but I never could decide a name. Then, I found awardspace.com, and it was great with them since the first day until I decided to convert my fanlistings to Enthuasiast and found out that I couldn't send confirmation emails. That was what made me finally buy balamb.org, my first domain <3

The network name 'Everywhere Nowhere' it's the title of song by Ayumi Hamasaki and the domain name is a town/city of my favorite video game ever, Final Fantasy VIII.


This is layout number seven and it features Sakura and Syaoran from Card Captor Sakura. As my first layout in my new domain, I wanted it to be FFVIII related but I didn't have the inspiration to make one *sigh*.


Textures from desktopnexus, synthoxide & chibi-gfx.de
Tooltip tutorial from sixrevisions.com
Expand/Collapse tutorial from designgala.com
Picture from zerochan.net